September update from the Castle Family

Hey all, love and miss ya! Here is a quick update from our family.

What's new:

With Brandon's first month of residency complete, many things have become clearer for us. Social and vocational norms are a bit more defined which make life as introverts waaaay more hospitable! We've made some close friends as a family, which has been a tremendous blessing especially for Danielle and the kids. Pastoral equipping classes have begun and along with comprehensive personal study, Brandon weekly receives 3+ hours of seminary level training. There is a pic below that shows some of his "light" reading material! A huge blessing has also been watching God's provision with funding. We officially reached 100% of our committed support goal which is unbelievably encouraging and affirming!

Prayer Requests:

As we continue to adjust to a new city and new church, there is temptation to treat this time as temporary and not put down deep roots. For as long as Jesus has us here, we want to love our church family and city. There is still a sense of "passing through" which can lead to relational and creative apathy. We need prayer for holy inspiration and motivation so we can really "own" our new context.

We really miss you all dearly and think of you daily. Our ministry is rooted in your faithfulness and generosity. We are incredibly proud to have such an amazing support base and we love you a ton!

In Christ,

The Castles

(Brandon, Danielle, Josie, and Ruby) 

Brandon Castle