August update from the Castle family

Happy August!

We wanted to update you all on the past month, share some blessings, and let you know some specific prayer needs we have. 

What's new:

In mid July, we were sent out by our amazing home church, First Baptist Church Harvester (soon to be Waypoint Church). We can't say enough about how kind and generous these people have been to our family when we needed it most. We love them and miss them dearly! After many hugs and tears of joy, we made the move to Austin TX and are settling in to our new home in the northern suburb, Wells Branch. Its about a 25 min trek from downtown and only about 15 min to Brandon's office. We were fortunate to have a couple weeks to unpack, acclimate to our new environment and explore the city before Brandon started his residency on August 1. Unashamedly, we have eaten our weight in tacos and blood work would most certainly reveal that we all test positive for chips and salsa. It's a tex-mex culinary paradise.

Prayer Requests:

Brandon has completed his first week of residency and our family is adapting well. The AustinStone Community Church is just shy of 10,000 folks so getting our bearings relationally will be a fight. He also primarily works with younger residents and staff who in large part are single or newly married, which can be a relational barrier, at least in the early stages. It won't come easy and we need prayer to assimilate well. There is very little here that is familiar so we are asking God for friends and community!

Vocationally speaking, it still remains a bit vague what Brandon's role and schedule will be. It is difficult for him to process through what his obligations are or what the specific vision for him is. This significantly impacts our family at many levels so we need prayer for clarity on our roles/rhythms within the church and for God to excite us about them. Right now feels a bit like we are floating aimlessly yet providentially.

We want to serve joyfully, without hesitation, regardless of the task or reward. We need Jesus to orient our hearts, minds, pride, schedules and resources to do this. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely, your love, prayers, encouragement and support mean the absolute world to us! We love you all!

In Christ,

The Castles

(Brandon, Danielle, Josie, and Ruby) 

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